Mentor meeting follow-up form for students

Student meetings follow-up form for mentors


Working with the student-mentors

 The mentors are your friends that volunteered to share their study habits with you.

 The mentors will announce the times and places when they are available – If these times don’t work for you, please ASK the  mentors for possible alternatives – do not demand it

 Mentors can decide if they would like to give their phone numbers or e-mail address – but they don’t have to. If they give it, please respect their privacy and contact during appropriate hours.

    The best way to get help from mentors is to meet with them on a regular basis. If, however, you would like to meet before test/quiz/practical make sure that the mentor is available – do not assume they will be or have to be available

    Try to avoid putting the mentors in unpleasant situations (asking them to reveal questions from a taken test or trying to have their attention during quizzes/practical).

  If you make an appointment with a mentor, be there or let them know in time that you can’t show. Mentors do not have to meet with you if you do not keep your appointments

  Mentors are getting a bonus for the extra work that they do to help their friends. You can earn bonus points too by meeting on a regular basis with a mentor (at least once a week during the semester).

REMEMBER, the student-mentor program was made so you could have extra study time with  an “A” students. Make the most out of it.

The students-mentors DO NOT REPLACE me and any extra time that you feel you need from me. The student-mentor project was meant to give you extra group study time at a less formal environment.

 Please feel free to contact me after class or at my office or just e-mail me.

 Thank you, Amira