Chris Doumen, Ph.D.

All classes are done.... The link to Biol 2401 will re-open for summer

Biol 1408
Biology for Non-Majors


This is the textbook for Biol 1408. You can find it in the bookstore packed with the MasteringBiology access code. You will NEED this in order to take this class.

Biol 2401
Anatomy/Physiology I


This class uses the 10th edition off Martini's Anatomy/Physiology . The 9th edition may be used, but you will need Mastering A&P that goes with the 10th edition.

Biol 2402
Anatomy/Physiology II


Students in A&P 2 will continue using the10th edition of Martini. If you used Mastering A&P last semester, your password and code should still be good for this semester.

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