Biology 1408
Collin College, Plano, Tx
Dr. Chris Doumen

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Exam 4: Monday After TG Holidays

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Biology 1408 - Fall 2017


This class is the first part of an Introduction to Biology Class for non-science majors. A lab component is required for this course, so make sure you are signed up for a lab section as well.

The syllabus for this course can be found at the link in the upper right area.

Like any class, regular attendance is the key to success. Please be in class and actively work your assignments. This will be your best approach of getting your money's worth of education.

I will provide your powertpoint presentations in pdf format on this website; the link is visible above to the right. Additional information will be added at regular intervals as well. So, visit this website every evening before class to update yourself of the changes made.

The textbook that we will be using is mentioned below. In addtion to this book, You WILL need an acces code the Mastering Biology portion of this course. If you purchase the book in the bookstore, it will come with the access code. Assignments will be posted on the MasteringBiology website. These assignments will make up 40% of your lecture grade. The website for MasteringBiology can be found at and your specific course instructor ID# for this class is doumen26098


What textbook are we using ?

The textbook used for this class is:

Campbell Biology : Concepts & Connections ( Vol. 1: custom edition for Collin College). Authors are Taylor-Simon-Dickey-Hogan-Reece

The bookstore at Collin College has this book and labmanual available. Do not delay in getting this.... it will influence your studies.