1302 TERM PAPER                                                   Professor Cloud          Spring 2011


The purpose of this assignment is refinement of an organized argument, deep research with source documentation, and presentation imparting meaningful knowledge to your fellow students.


Essay topics must focus on a situation/issue which impacts present-day America. These may be global or domestic issues. From the following list, choose a topic that interests you. If you have a topic that is not included in this list, please talk to the instructor.


Topic IDEAS:



You must clearly address the following:


This should be an in-depth analysis.


Essay Format: Eight pages with cover page, MLA format, cover sheet, parenthetical citations and a Work Cited page with a minimum of five sources.


You are required to visit the Writing Center or submit your essay to the on-line

Writing Center before 4.26. Turn in verification with final essay. I suggest several visits

to the Writing Center.


Due dates:                   3.22                 Term paper draft – parts I and II with Works Cited.

4.14                 Parts I, II and III with Works Cited.

4.26                 Submission to Turnitin.com

4.28                 TERM PAPER DUE – NO late papers

5.03-05            PRESENTATIONS   





This project is 30% of your final grade. Your grade is determined by process, final essay and presentation.


A.         Process 100 pts.        


You are required to visit the Writing Center or submit your essay to the on-line writing center. You may do this for a variety of reasons such as help with documentation, organization or revisions. Submit writing center verification with your final essay.


Twice within the semester, you will bring your working draft to class for review. This is an important part of the process and your participation is graded so be in class and be prepared!


Turnitin.com will be utilized within this process.


B.         Final essay 100 pts.   


Place Writing Center verification, along with the grading rubric (that I will give you) in front of the final essay. Essay is graded on format, documentation, clarity and completeness.





C.        In-class presentation 100 pts.            


You will have FIVE TO EIGHT minutes to clearly present the most important findings of your research. Remember, you are teaching the class, imparting real knowledge so be selective with your information.


You must have a visual. You may choose one of the following or come up with your own idea.


poster                          cartoon                        power point*   

drawing                       painting                        handout

dramatization              collage                         brochure

video                           model                          diorama

costume                      mural                           map

flow chart                    experiment                  game

sculpture                     costume                      dance

rap                               flip book                      Reader’s Theater


* While power point is the most commonly used visual, it is by NO means the best for everyone; in fact, it can be quite boring! Please use creativity in the development of your presentation.