“Wherever I go I find a poet has been there before me.”  - Sigmund Freud



This is me and my old pal, Sigmund Freud, the “Father of Psychoanalysis.”  We go way back.  My educational background, in fact, is in psychology and philosophy, and so, much of my interest in the humanities stems from a long-held fascination with the creative mind.  I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1994.  Then I backpacked around Europe for awhile where I really fell in love with cultures rich in creative traditions going back thousands of years.  When I returned to the States, I dove headfirst into graduate work in Humanities at the University of Texas at Dallas, where my focus was on the intersections of the arts and the social sciences.  Specifically, my thesis was a study of how historians must use elements of fiction writing in order to convey “the truth of the past.” Now I teach college-level psychology at a local high school and have been a humanities professor at Collin College since 2005.